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Boost your
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with AI superpowers.

Automate your processes to
Hire Assess Train your talents.

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Boost your HR operations with AI superpowers. 

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AI powered HR solution to boost your productivity

Experience an innovative, cloud-based HR suite designed to increase recruiter productivity, assess candidate job-related skills with simulations, and enhance talent growth.

Find, attract, evaluate, hire, train, manage… and more. Spend more time on what matters most - your people. And let AI do the rest.

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Automate your hiring process


Boost your employer brand and generate qualified candidates.

  • Save time with one-click pblication of your job ads on multiple platforms
  • Promote your brand with customizable career sites
  • Share and promote your job ads on social media networks


Save time with automatic sourcing on job boards and professional social networks.

  • Automatic sourcing in just one click thanks to our robots
  • Get AI candidate suggestions based on your job criteria
  • Manage an internal CV library using tags


Automate time-consuming tasks and leverage AI to boost the productivity of your recruiters.

  • Customize our AI-powered ATS recruiting solution to your needs
  • Rely on AI to generate all your content: job offers, messages, technical evaluations, assessments, etc.
  • Configure time-saving recruitment processes with multiple pipelines, forms, automatic actions and more


Make recruiting a team effort with our AI powered ATS.

  • Manage tasks and project assignments
  • Communicate through internal chats and e-mail synchronization
  • Manage organization, teams, departments, business units...
  • Track your HR KPIs with personalized dashboards

Assess real skills

Focus on job-related skills

Invite your candidates to digital job simulations from the comfort of their own home, and see how they perform on the job before they get the job. Gain meaningful insights of candidates capabilities based on job-related tasks and let AI analyze their behavior and actions.

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Select top talent thanks to assessments

Our growing library of skills assessments is tailor-made for you with avatars that simulate on-the-job tasks and interact with the candidate. Simply select one, invite your candidates to do it and get the results automatically on the candidate profile.

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Ensure candidate fit and retention

Assess your candidates skills, personality and work style, how they respond to daily job-related challenges, their interpersonal skills and more. Our proprietary machine learning and AI technology makes it possible to base your decision in real data, thus preventing human bias and making sure retention is at highest rate long term.

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Manage your talents

Develop your talents potential

Cultivate a learning culture and invest in better employee engagement and retention with career growth. Give your staff the right career development at the right time with a training and learning management platform.

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Address skill gaps

Spot skill gaps thanks to our assessments and suggest personalized training accordingly. Launch training courses based on required skills by managers and the team.

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Manage global teams

Manage training, learning, resources, modules and employee activity at once. Have a global view of your teams and improve accordingly thanks to data insights.

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Benefit from reactive and personalized support , tailored to the unique needs of your organization

Included with a tailored subscription:

  • Tailored pricing and customized interface
  • Set-up, on boarding and training sessions
  • Advice from experts on how to speed up your processes
  • A guaranteed response time of fewer than 5 minutes is provided by our customer support team - available Monday through Friday
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Our latest resources
AI guides for HR professionals

AI 101 for HR

Hiring with AI 

According to a study by Deloitte, organizations that have embraced AI in their HR processes have witnessed a 40% reduction in time-to-fill vacancies and a staggering 70% decrease in cost-per-hire.

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Assessments with AI

AI-powered job simulations assessments have many benefits, including greater predictive validity, improved candidate experience, time and money savings, and less bias in the hiring process.

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Upskilling with AI

According to LinkedIn's 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if their professional growth was supported. AI can be effectively applied to reskilling and upskilling the workforce in almost half the time as compared to the traditional training method.

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