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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Recruitment software

Boost your recruitment productivity with AI-assisted ATS

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Boost your employer brand and generate qualified candidates.

  • Save time with one-click pblication of your job ads on multiple platforms
  • Promote your brand with customizable career sites
  • Share and promote your job ads on social media networks 


Save time with automatic sourcing on job boards and professional social networks. 

  • Automatic sourcing in just one click thanks to our robots
  • Get AI candidate suggestions based on your job criteria
  • Manage an internal CV library using tags 


Automate time-consuming tasks and leverage AI to boost the productivity of your recruiters. 

  • Customize our AI-powered ATS recruiting solution to your needs
  • Rely on AI to generate all your content: job offers, messages, technical evaluations, assessments, etc.
  • Configure time-saving recruitment processes with multiple pipelines, forms, automatic actions and more


Make recruiting a team effort with our AI powered ATS.

  • Manage tasks and project assignments 
  • Communicate through internal chats and e-mail synchronization 
  • Manage organization, teams, departments, business units...
  • Track your HR KPIs with personalized dashboards

Why choose an AI powered ATS?


of time saved 
in your recruitment 


in cost per hire


of savings
with the acquisition of an ATS

More features to discover

Proprietary technology


Reactive support


Open API


Data security


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AI powered HR software


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+ 90 % of companies
of the Fortune 500 use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for their recruitments.

What is an AI powered ATS and what are its benefits?

An application tracking system (ATS) is software designed to streamline and automate the recruitment process. It acts as a central point for coordinating job offers, collecting and sorting applications, interviewing candidates and facilitating contact between recruiters and candidates.

The benefits are numerous, including: improved sourcing and candidate engagement, reduced recruitment time, improved recruitment quality, enhanced candidate experience, building a talent pool, etc...