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Automate your hiring process

Make it easier for your teams to acquire the best talent by automating unwanted tasks and boosting productivity. Focus on what matters the most - your candidates, and let AI do the rest.

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Optimizing your hiring process can reduce time to hire up to 60%.

Save time and work faster with hiring automations and improve your overall recruitment process. By using sweeeft’s cutting edge technology, you can automate recruitment tasks, streamline collaboration and build a seamless hire-to-onboard experience across the entire funnel. It also benefits your candidates, who expect a smooth running hiring process.

It all starts with a fully customizable career page that tells your story, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) adapted to your needs with workflow automations and templated communications with your candidates, a job description and offer generated by AI, an expanded sourcing reach with AI suggestions based on the role, a simple click for multidiffusion to your favorite job boards… and many more features to make hiring a breeze.

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Manage the entire process from job-role definition to application and hiring

Manage the entire process from job-role definition to hiring

Your talent acquisition teams will start off strong thanks to sweeeft’s user-friendly interface and automated features, specially designed to reduce their time-consuming tasks thus increasing productivity by:

  • Setting up multiple hiring project templates as per your needs - in different languages, according to country specifics, with different hiring steps and more
  • Automatizing each hiring process steps by drag-and-droping actions and inserting automation conditions based on your hiring flow
  • Automatizing email or sms outreach messages to candidates, interview invitations & scheduling and more
  • Initially defining job-role specifics to enable precise AI generation for your job description, evaluations based on skills and suggestions
Recruitment automations
Set up your own customized Applicant Tracking System powered with AI

Set up your own customized Applicant Tracking System powered with AI

The Traditional Applicant Tracking System is no longer adapted to the evolving world of HR professionals. Customizing sweeeft, means saving tons of lost time and money by:

  • Managing your organization processes, documents, members and assignments of multiple sites at once
  • Personalizing brand identity and career site anytime
  • Making hiring a team effort by boosting collaboration thanks to employee activity, direct chats and tasks management
  • Measuring hiring performance with personalized dashboards on hiring data, candidate performance and employee success metrics

sweeeft adapts to your organization, and not the other way around

How AI benefits your hiring process
Make sourcing easier with suggested CV database and headhunting

Make sourcing easier with suggested CV database and headhunting

Paving the way to productivity, AI allows you to automate tasks and save time. Making the right decisions when sourcing candidates internally or externally by:

  • Getting personalized suggestions anytime you’re hiring for a position thanks to AI
  • Launching external sourcing campaigns on jobboards, such as LinkedIn
  • GPDR compliant CV database to manage your talent pool according to your country specific laws
  • Searching for keywords, phrases, tags to find the right candidates
Automatic sourcing
Easily screen candidates with previously set data

Easily screen candidates with previously set data

Make screening a breeze with AI technology reduce time spent on tasks that don’t add value without jeopardizing quality, by simply:

  • Automating your time-consuming tasks by setting your key skills and expectations from a candidate and let AI do the screening
  • Tagging candidates to organize them in your talent pool and make searching fast - completely customizable according to your hiring flow
  • Automatically creating candidate profiles once they apply with contact details, documents, evaluations, interactions and more - in one place
  • Using filters to speed up the hiring process and move candidates from one step to the other
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Simplify interview and candidate evaluations with AI generation

Simplify interview and candidate evaluations with AI generation

  • Setting up important skills for a candidate to have and letting AI generate your job-related tests - on your terms
  • Evaluating experience, candidate potential, soft and hard skills as well as cultural fit
  • Leveraging AI to conduct video interviews and assessments by analyzing facial expressions, voice tone and other non-verbal cues
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of employee turnover is attributed to mistakes made during the hiring process

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