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Improve your firms and your clients HR operations at glance

Consulting firms face challenges with hiring, assessments, and training, such as difficulties identifying specialized talents, effectively evaluating consultants' skills, and a challenge adjusting training programs to a range of client requirements. Finding applicants with the appropriate experience can be difficult, and conventional assessment techniques might not give a whole picture of a consultant's strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, these difficulties can be present for a client project, a time when consulting firms can use and/or suggest these solutions to their clients.

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Streamline and automate your hiring with AI, for your firm and your clients projects

sweeeft can simplify and automate the hiring process, assisting consulting firms in more successfully acquiring specialized talent and suggesting such solutions for their clients projects in HR challenges. Relying on manual and time-consuming tasks when hiring at scale for your global clients is a great risk financially and to your reputation. sweeeft assists you in job posting,, application, automatic sourcing, screening and more. This quickens the hiring process and guarantees that cabinets have immediate access to the best people for them and their clients.

Use sweeeft to improve your firm's hiring and be the first to suggest a never-seen-before tool to your clients to overcome their HR challenges.

Automate hiring

Find the best talent for your firm and help your clients find theirs as well, with job-related skills assessments

Consulting firms can evaluate their consultants thoroughly with sweeeft’s assessment platform, based on job-related simulations and results with appropriate skills-set. Consulting cabinets can learn more about the skills, talents, and potential for improvement of their consultants by using key performance indicators, goal tracking, and regular feedback. Better project and resource allocation are made possible by this knowledge, especially for high-grade positions and strategic clients projects.

Assess real skills

Improve client partnerships and enhance your and their operations thanks to AI

The aforementioned issues are made worse by ineffective client communication, which also causes delays, misunderstandings, and strained relationships. With real-time updates, automated notifications, chats, emails, and particularly downloaded or shareable reports on applicants and/or a hiring campaign, improves your relationships. Suggest sweeeft to your clients HR challenges and see results as you go.

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