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Corporate Deal with HR challenges at scale, assisted by AI

In a fast-paced market where productivity wins, efficient and streamlined HR operations are essential for mid-sized and large corporations. Data-driven insights help confident hiring, assessing job-related skills and growing your team with training.

Traditional processes are often time-consuming, manual, and prone to bias. Available solutions can’t answer these points efficiently. sweeeft’s cut-edge AI & machine learning technology, streamlines your HR workflows by :

  • automating repetitive tasks that add no value when recruiting,
  • assessing real skills of the job in AI simulations
  • making growth your priority to retain people with trainings
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Leave the talent to your HR team, AI takes charge of your acquisition for the best candidates.

Automate tedious and time & money consuming tasks such as hiring workflow with automatically fully generated campaigns, resume screening, candidate communication and more. By eliminating repetitive work, HR teams in talent acquisition can focus on higher-value activities - finding the best talent fit for the job and your culture.

Automate your hiring process

Put their skills to the test before offering them the job with AI job-related simulations.

Knowing if a candidate is the right one for the job is a complex task, basing it in human bias is a great risk for faulty hiring - especially for management positions. Assessments play a vital role in the candidate evaluation process, providing objective and reliable candidates’ skills. By leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to assess real skills, you will get to know how they will perform on the job before getting the job. All this by studying their behavior, verbally and non-verbally, while they get tasks done in an immersive assessment.

Assess real skills

Drive your company’s growth while helping your talent succeed with AI suggested trainings

Opportunity for growth is known to be one of the main factors for employee retention in the corporate world. By considering factors such as skill gaps, learning styles, and career goals, sweeeft’s AI delivers personalized training & learning experiences that cultivate a better employee engagement, retention and skill development.

Manage your talents

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