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HomeAll-in-one HR solution to boost productivity.

Turn hiring, assessing and training to AI.

AI powered HR solution to boost productivity.

Experience an innovative, cloud-based HR suite designed to increase recruiter productivity, assess candidate job-related skills with simulations, and enhance talent growth.

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Save time with hiring automations

Optimizing your hiring process can reduce time to hire up to 60%.

By using sweeeft’s cutting edge technology, you can automate recruitment tasks, streamline collaboration and build a seamless hire-to-onboard experience across the entire funnel. It also benefits your candidates, who expect a smooth running hiring process.

It all starts with a fully customizable career page that tells your story, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) adapted to your needs with workflow automations and templated communications with your candidates, a job description and offer generated by AI, an expanded sourcing reach with AI suggestions based on the role, a simple click for multidiffusion to your favorite job boards… and many more features to make hiring a breeze.
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Select the right candidate with assessment simulations

A fair and skills-based hiring process by making candidates show what they can do in job simulations and skills assessments. Our growing library of skills assessments is tailor-made for you with avatars that simulate on-the-job tasks and interact with the candidate. Simply select one, invite your candidates to do it and get the results automatically on the candidate profile.

Unlock new possibilities for your HR team with machine learning - companies that embrace the power of AI, for their people management, have a competitive advantage.

Grow your teams’ potential with personalized trainings

Drive your company’s growth while you help your talent succeed.

Developing talent to make sure they deliver impact is a key concern - give your staff the right career development at the right time with a training and learning management platform.
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Find, evaluate, hire, train, manage… and more.

Check our top features and see how they can help your HR teams grow and boost their productivity.

Spend more time on what matters most - your people. And let AI do the rest.