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Staffing agencies Take staffing productivity to the next level with AI technology

Staffing agencies face challenges constantly that hinder their efficiency: new technologies, limited supply of talent, macroeconomic uncertainty, high turnover rate, manual and time-consuming processes, such as candidate sourcing and placement, drain valuable resources and hinder scalability.

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To overcome these challenges, staffing agencies can now benefit from automation by implementing AI-powered sweeeft HR solution for:
  • candidate screening and matching tools to streamline the sourcing process and provide access to a larger pool of qualified candidates
  • efficient communication to facilitate real-time updates and seamless coordination with clients thus ensuring transparency and improved client relationships
  • leveraging data analytics to provide valuable insights into operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of processes.

By addressing these pain points, staffing agencies can enhance their productivity, deliver better candidate placements, and build stronger partnerships with clients.

Focus on productivity for your hiring with AI automations

Relying on manual and time-consuming tasks when hiring at scale for your global clients is a great risk financially and to your reputation. sweeeft’s AI powered solution automates your processes involved in job posting, application, sourcing, screening and placement. In a candidate-driven market, it enhances your talent pool by giving you a large access to candidates and personalized suggestions depending on the job.

Automate your hiring process

Deliver better candidate placement with job-related skills assessments

Limited access to quality candidates can lead to challenges in meeting client requirements and expectations. When hiring for high-level positions, assessing a candidate's skills for the job before placing them to your client is a real challenge. That’s why letting AI machine learning take charge by finding out which candidate is fit for the job thanks to real-job simulations and automatically generated technical tests.

Assess real skills

Build strong partnerships with your clients and enhance your operations thanks to AI

Inefficient client communication further exacerbates the issues noted above, leading to delays, miscommunication, and strained relationships. The features for communication on our platform facilitate interaction between your agencies, employees, candidates and clients, thanks to real-time updates, automated notifications, chats, emails, and especially downloaded or shareable reports on candidates and/or on a hiring campaign.

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