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Discover new features with the main goal of boosting your productivity thanks to our technologies. AI generation, workflow automation, customized configuration, multimodal analysis, etc. are just a few of our key features that streamline your HR processes.

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AI Generation Save time in your hiring process without missing any steps

Designed to significantly save time in hiring, the AI Generation feature is essential to redefine traditional hiring practices and make informed decisions. By providing automatic generation in one click, the following steps become so light - job role description, templated messages, multilingual communication with candidates, translation, production of skills evaluations tests, form creations, and many more.

It includes: job role definition, job description, templated messages, multilingual communication and translation, skills-evaluation test production, form creations and more.

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Workflow automations Make productivity your goal for your HR operations

To increase productivity in HR, in hiring and assessments of top talents, companies must follow one simple rule - embrace automation for tedious tasks that bring no value. sweeeft’s workflow automations feature allows you to fully personalize your hiring pipeline, create automatic actions, set up tagging and scoring filters, drag and drop application management, automated messaging and templates, multi-platform job publication, task management, resume scoring and so much more. Powered by AI, it accelerates the hiring and assessment process and improves the candidate experience to efficiently attract and pick top talent.

It includes: hiring steps personalization, creation of automatic actions, automatic sourcing, tags, hiring steps and filters, drag and drop job applications, automatic job board publication, task management, automated and manual resume scoring, application tracking, all-in-one candidate profile and many more.

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Custom configuration No one-fits-all. sweeeft adapts to your needs.

Boost productivity and streamline your HR operations by customizing your workflows of hiring, assessment and training. With a user-friendly and powerful platform, sweeeft gives you the possibility to tailor the interface and processes to your needs. Fully personalize career sites, manage organizational settings, customize recruiting pipelines, design templated application forms, setup bulk actions, AI generate job templates and messages, and many more.

It includes : fully personalized career site, organization management, customized and multiple recruiting pipelines, customized and multiple application forms, bulk actions, job templates, message templates and more.

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Multimodal analysis See skills and personality of your candidates 

Multimodal analysis takes into account multiple modes of communication and how they interact with one another to create semiotic meaning. This allows our AI to draw insightful conclusions to assessments done by your candidates in job-like simulations.

It includes: the study of 4 modalities : paraverbal (tone of voice), oral, written, non verbal, the skills library linked to each modality, AI ran tests by combining all these factors (behavior and skills) together to get results, automatically created shareable reports and more.

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Data insights Unleash the power of data to improve your HR operations

Accessing data for HR operations is critical to increase productivity and improve. Leverage the power of data for personalized dashboards, strategic planning, data-driven hiring decisions, effective team management, training optimization, employee engagement and retention, and predictive analytics… plan for the future by embracing data-driven insights.

It includes: personalized dashboards and insights on all types of projects, strategic planning and improvements, training insights and many more.

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Integrations Connect your favorite job boards and daily tools to sweeeft

Streamline your HR operations and people management with the integration between sweeeft, your job boards and your IT system. Our open API allows easy integration.

It includes: integration to your favorite job boards, integration to your daily tools and IT system and many more.

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