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Boost HR operations with AI superpowers

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Our Story


An active incubator within prestigious research labs to bring AI to HR

Thanks to more than 5 years of incubation, active research and scientific publications, ongoing R&D projects within Pulsalys, CNRS, Liris, Icar and LIG, sweeeft is the only solution to bring AI to human resources, with productivity and innovation at the core of its mission. As a result, we have been labeled Deep Tech by BPI France in 2022.

Over the many years of scientific research, technical and entrepreneurial challenges, we have been able to address the daily pain points and ambitions of HR professionals. We gradually evolved from an AI based softskills assessment platform into a broader HR platform, capable of covering the majority of needs of - corporate, staffing agencies, public institutions, consulting firms - for their Human Resources management, from hiring, to assessments and training assisted by AI and machine learning.

Our partners and clients

Our team

Uniting academic, technical, and entrepreneurial excellence

We're researchers, phd doctors, developers, data scientists, designers and HR experts. And we're convinced that the secret of a company that lasts is the right HR policy with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. Everything goes swiftly with sweeeft.

We're certain that there's unsuspected potential in everyone, and we're here to challenge the HRtech market into bringing innovation at the core of the daily taks and frustrations of HR professionals. To bring AI into taking charge of your processes and let you focus on what’s important - your people.

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Future growth and technical evolution

Our end goal remains: to enable our customers to boost productivity for their HR operations thanks to the technological possibilities of our Artificial Intelligence. We do this in a much more comprehensive and powerful way than before, thanks to the R&D and web development projects managed in-house by our teams.

The needs and frustrations of HR professionals have prompted us to mature and adapt our offering to enable our customers to keep pace with their ecosystem. We have developed numerous tools, features and possible integrations to cover the whole spectrum of HR operations - from recruitment to assessments and training - while keeping our DNA of making technology accessible and easy to implement.

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence, we are the only solution challenging the HRtech market and able to compete with the big players. In fact, we have ambitious growth targets for the next 5 years, as international development in the english-speaking markets becomes obvious, while remaining attentive to the needs of our customers for the evolution of the platform's features.

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