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The benefits of an AI powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The benefits of an AI powered applicant tracking system (ATS)

An innovative tool used by businesses during the hiring process is the AI applicant tracking system. It streamlines recruiting by automating candidate screening, selection, and ranking while assessing resumes, skills, and qualifications to quickly find the best fit.

Even if recruiting managers won't be replaced by robots anytime soon, the hiring process may be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. By enabling HR professionals to use their time and abilities more effectively, using artificial intelligence, such as AI applicant tracking system (ats), to automate and streamline aspects of talent acquisition, it can decrease time to hire and boost confidence in recruiting decisions.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software created to streamline and automate the hiring process. It acts as a focal point for coordinating job ads, collecting and sorting applications, interviewing candidates, and facilitating contact between recruiters and candidates.
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The benefits of an AI powered ATS, by main features 


  • Improved candidate sourcing and engagement des candidats

Feature: automatic sourcing
Advanced algorithms and data analytics are used by AI powered ATS to source candidates from various channels. A survey by Ideal found that using AI sourcing technologies to find candidates is 75% more efficient than using conventional techniques.
Feature: chatbots
Chatbots and other AI-driven candidate engagement tools respond in real time to candidate inquiries, improving communication and the candidate experience. According to a Phenom People poll, 86% of applicants have a favorable opinion of working with AI during the employment process. This also saves tons of time.

  • Reduced time-to-hire

Feature: automated resume screening & scoring
The tedious process of automating resume screening is now managed by an ATS powered with AI. A LinkedIn survey claims that companies employing AI-powered sourcing solutions have seen a 50% reduction in hiring time.
Feature: job posting
It allows for the creation and publication of job ads through multiple web platforms, job boards, and social media sites like LinkedIn. Some ATS software can even provide appropriate job titles and keyword phrases for job descriptions to be optimized, increasing the visibility of job listings. This is automatically generated with AI on sweeeft.

  • Better hire quality and candidate match

Feature: candidate matching
To find the candidates who are the best fit for the position, AI-driven candidate matching algorithms compare candidate profiles with job requirements. A research by Ideal claims that AI-powered candidate screening raises the caliber of shortlisted candidates by 75%.

  • Improved candidate experience

Feature: seamless application process
A smooth and user-friendly application process is made possible with ATS solutions powered by AI. 78% of applicants say that a company's total candidate experience reflects how much it appreciates its employees, according to a CareerBuilder study.
Feature: candidate communication
LPersonalized automated communication with candidates is made possible with ATS assisted by AI. Candidates are kept informed and involved with automated messaging.

  • Using talent analytics to make knowledgeable decisions

Feature: insights
Insights into hiring data, candidate pipelines, and recruitment performance are easily produced by AI-powered ATS solutions. According to a LinkedIn survey, 67% of recruiters think AI can speed up the process of finding candidates.

  • Building an effective talent pipeline

Feature: Candidate Relationship Management (CRM+ATS)
Organizations can create and maintain a talent pipeline of passive candidates with the help of an AI-powered ATS. 73% of applicants are passive job seekers, according to a Phenom People poll, underscoring the significance of maintaining a talent pipeline.

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