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Optimize your operational flexibility and boost your productivity for staffing firms related to AI superpowers

  • AI-assisted drafting of job offers and multi-posting on job boards
  • Sourcing and sorting of the most qualified profiles in the CV database
  • AI-generated technical tests and assessment
  • Automated communication with stakeholders
  • Interactive dashboards providing in-depth insight into key KPIs
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94% of HR said AI in talent acquisition has improved their productivity and recruitment results, according to a study by Aptitude research.

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The major challenges facing staffing firms

Talent identification

Without AI, temping agencies face obstacles in quickly identifying qualified candidates from a multitude of profiles.

Manual CV library management

Manual collection and sorting of CVs increases the workload, leading to delays in the recruitment process.

Inefficient matching

The absence of AI makes it difficult to match candidates' skills to job requirements, resulting in less suitable placements.

Lost resources

Manual recruitment means longer lead times and higher costs, affecting the profitability of temporary employment agencies and reducing their ability to respond quickly to customer needs.
Automate your hiring process 
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Operational flexibility


Matching Candidate


long-term partnership


Benefit from a solution tailored to your organization's needs


Optimizing the recruitment process with AI

HR departments are working to automate certain time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and to streamline certain tasks.

Improved candidate sourcing and engagement

ATS enables automatic sourcing that is 75% more efficient than conventional techniques, and improves real-time communication with candidates, promoting a positive experience and saving time.

Improving the match between candidates' skills and job requirements

To find the right candidates for the job, our AI-driven sweeeft solution compares candidate profiles with job requirements. A study conducted by IDeal claims that AI-driven candidate selection increases the quality of shortlisted candidates by 75%.

Reduce recruitment time

According to a LinkedIn survey, the automation of CV selection and sorting by an AI-enabled ATS has cut recruitment time by 50%. Multicasting on various platforms optimizes the visibility of job offers.

Building an effective talent pool

Companies can create and maintain a pool of passive candidates using an ATS. According to a survey by Phenom People, 73% of candidates are passive job seekers, underscoring the importance of maintaining a talent pool.

Improving the customer experience

Our AI-assisted ATS solution facilitates a smooth application process, reflecting a positive regard for the company according to 78% of candidates. Automated, personalized communication increases candidate engagement.

Using data to make better decisions

AI provides instant, factual data on hires, candidate pools, team performance and recruitment campaign KPIs enabling temp agencies to make informed decisions. This reduces recruitment errors and improves the quality of candidates presented.
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Why choose an AI powered ATS?


of time saved 
in your recruitment 


in cost per hire


of savings
with the acquisition of an ATS

According to a study by Deloitte, companies that base their hiring decisions on skills are 98% more likely to retain top talent.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved candidate sourcing and engagement
  • Improved matching of candidates to job requirements
  • Reduce recruitment time
  • Build an efficient talent pool
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Use data to make informed decisions/li>
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